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Streaming Data in and out of an SQLServer 2005 Database

Last week, I touched on a lightweight solution that we used to re-submit messages to a BizTalk solution. This allows us to retry messages when they did not succeed initially. One of the challenges associated with such a solution, is … Continue reading

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Serializing Message Context and Part Properties

In a recent project, our customer already had an in-house monitoring platform, in order to monitor the activities or our solution, in terms of received messages and transmitted messages a well as in terms of errors. However, this platform did … Continue reading

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Generic FlatFile Receive and Transmit Pipelines

Enterprise Integration Platforms such as Microsoft BizTalk Server offer compelling solutions to rationalize the transmission of data between different heterogeneous third-party systems. When working with legacy systems particularly, it is not uncommon for the data to be exchanged via the … Continue reading

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