Empowering BizTalk Management

Since the initial release of our Biztalk Provider for Windows PowerShell, we have been working to promote our project by publishing various articles and tutorials.

As part of this effort, Randal wrote a most excellent guide that helps getting up to speed with the provider.

Then, in the late part of last year, Randal, Michel and I have been working on writing an article to explain in more details the motivation, the architecture and the usage of the provider with the help of a small tutorial.

Just before Christmas, BizTalk HotRod has published our article in its latest issue.

Empowering BizTalk Management

This article provides in-depth experience to using the provider and contains a sample usage scenario that addresses issues most commonly encountered when attempting to write a set of reusable PowerShell scripts.

I strongly encourage you to check it out.

Source Code Download

At the time of publication, we did not include a link to the source code touched on in the text. In order to repair this oversight, the complete source code for the CmdLets referred to in the article are available in the following biztalk-hotrod-cmdlets.zip. archive.

Happy PowerShell BizTalk’ing

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