Deploying Business Rules Engine Policies with the BizTalkFactory PowerShell Provider

One of the goals we initially set out for our PowerShell provider for BizTalk was, at least, to match the set of features that were available at the time from various command-line tools.The most obvious solution for automating common BizTalk administration operations was to use the BtsTask command-line utility.

In a recent check-in, we have added a set of featuresto include full support of BizTalk policies to the provider. Therefore, it is now possible to import and publish, export, deployor undeploy BizTalk policies and associated vocabularies with the help of a few CmdLets.

Indeed, although it seems possible to do it with BtsTask, I think the easiest way to deploy policies to a BizTalk application from the command-line is to use our provider for BizTalk.

I think our provider for BizTalk makes for a compelling alternative to other disparate tools, in a consistent and uniform way. Please, check out the project homepage on CodePlex and try the latest development snapshot. Leave some feedback and, please, let us know about all the issues you face with the provider.

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