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Per-Instance Pipeline Configuration and Custom Components

As you know, per-instance pipeline configuration allows you to specify properties to a pipeline after it has been deployed. Specifically, this allows for altering the configuration of individual pipeline components, without recompiling or redeploying the pipeline itself. This is quite … Continue reading

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An EncodingTranscoder Custom Pipeline Component

In a previous installment, I wrote about one of the simplest types of custom pipeline components, that only dealt with the context of the message. Sometimes, however, it is necessary to somehow process the contents of the message itself, as … Continue reading

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Handling Resources with the BizTalkFactory PowerShell Provider

As part of the latest checkin of our PowerShell provider for BizTalk, I added support for directly adding resources to an application using the builtin New-Item CmdLet. Syntax: The syntax for adding a resource is like so: New-Item [-path] <path-and-name-to-resource> … Continue reading

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A ContextPropertyPromoter Custom Pipeline Component

One of the easiest forms of custom pipeline components to write are those that do not have to process the contents of messages at all as they flow through the pipeline. In this post, I’ll present one such component, whose … Continue reading

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Promoting Properties with the BizTalk Mapper

Well, almost. With a little help of the Flat File Disassembler or the Xml Disassembler component. Property promotion is a core concept in BizTalk and its understanding is essential to leverage the publish/subscribe mechanism at the heart of the BizTalk … Continue reading

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