Introducing Crosscut® by Moskitos™ an Exciting new IPaaS offering

For the past two years and a half, Jérémie and I have contributed in creating and growing Moskitos, an Independant Cloud Service Provider where we are building exciting new solutions. In particular, as a Software Architect and CTO at Moskitos, I have been busy designing and building a new Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS).

Our platform is called Crosscut.

Crosscut Integration Platform as a Service Overview

Crosscut is a middleware solution that runs in the cloud and manages data and process integration. It is based upon many of the same principles found in BizTalk Server but we have implemented our simplified solution from scratch using many services provided by Microsoft Azure. Currently, our platform is used internally by our consultants, who deliver integration projects for our clients. It is also targetted at select partners and cloud service providers that want to push their own offering but have to overcome the fact that some of their customers may not realize they should invest in an integration platform.

In the following weeks, I will post on this blog to highlight our journey building Crosscut.

The focus of this blog did not change. I will still document the technical challenges that we faced, the choices that we made and hopefully post some tips and tricks that may apply to a wide audience.

Crosscut Portal Screenshots

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