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Hosting BizTalk WCF Send Adapters in your Custom Application

The BizTalk Adapters for WCF is a collection of several adapters that are designed to make it easy to create BizTalk applications that communicate with WCF-based services or line-of-business applications. It ships with five physical adapters, corresponding to predefined WCF … Continue reading

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Unit-Testing Custom Inline Functoids with the CodeDOM

As far as extending the BizTalk Mapper, custom inline functoids are probably one of the easiest ways. This particular types of functoids are what I called design-time functoids in the sense that they are only required to be made available … Continue reading

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Preserving Input Sequence Order when Aggregating Debatched Messages

In a recent project, Jérémie wanted to improved one BizTalk solution where messages are debatched upon reception, processed independently and aggregated again before transmission to downstream processes or application partners. This is sort of a classic Scatter-Gather pattern. The catch, … Continue reading

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PowerShell Provider for BizTalk Server Released

It’s been a long while since I did some blogging. Fortunately, Randal has been working towards producing a new release of our PowerShell provider for BizTalk Server. This version fixes a couple bugs and I invite everyone to test … Continue reading

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Microsoft® MVP BizTalk 2012

It is with great honor and much pride that I have been given the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award for Microsoft BizTalk Server in 2012, for the second year in a row. A big thanks to all my family, my … Continue reading

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Building Multiple Projects in Order with MSBuild

When building projects grouped in a solution, Visual Studio figures out the project dependencies and respect the build order. However, if you’re not using Visual Studio .sln solution files when building a set of projects with MSBuild, the build order … Continue reading

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Enabling Incremental Compilation of BizTalk .btproj MSBuild Files

Since BizTalk Server 2009, BizTalk Server project files are MSBuild .btproj XML files. For some reason, BizTalk projects need to be compiled in two phases. The first pass compiles schemas, maps and pipelines, and produces an intermediate managed assembly. The … Continue reading

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