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Building Multiple Projects in Order with MSBuild

When building projects grouped in a solution, Visual Studio figures out the project dependencies and respect the build order. However, if you’re not using Visual Studio .sln solution files when building a set of projects with MSBuild, the build order … Continue reading

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Enabling Incremental Compilation of BizTalk .btproj MSBuild Files

Since BizTalk Server 2009, BizTalk Server project files are MSBuild .btproj XML files. For some reason, BizTalk projects need to be compiled in two phases. The first pass compiles schemas, maps and pipelines, and produces an intermediate managed assembly. The … Continue reading

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Deploying BizTalk Applications with MSBuild

On virtually all our projects, there has been a need to perform additional tasks above and beyond simply "compiling" our BizTalk applications. I’m talking about all the numerous operations you need to carry out in order to be able to … Continue reading

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