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Integrating NLog with Azure Cloud Service Diagnostics

NLog is a popular open-source logging Framework for .Net applications. In my opinion, it is very flexible and is more feature rich than, say, the builtin .Net tracing Framework. For instance, NLog supports asynchronous logging. It also supports flexible trace formatting … Continue reading

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Performing Parallel Processing in Azure Web Jobs

Azure Web Jobs are a new feature available on Azure Web Sites. They allow you to perform long-running, continuous background tasks alongside your web sites. For instance, you might have a blog and would like to resize the images that … Continue reading

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Unit-Testing Custom Inline Functoids with the CodeDOM

As far as extending the BizTalk Mapper, custom inline functoids are probably one of the easiest ways. This particular types of functoids are what I called design-time functoids in the sense that they are only required to be made available … Continue reading

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Preserving Input Sequence Order when Aggregating Debatched Messages

In a recent project, Jérémie wanted to improved one BizTalk solution where messages are debatched upon reception, processed independently and aggregated again before transmission to downstream processes or application partners. This is sort of a classic Scatter-Gather pattern. The catch, … Continue reading

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Enabling Incremental Compilation of BizTalk .btproj MSBuild Files

Since BizTalk Server 2009, BizTalk Server project files are MSBuild .btproj XML files. For some reason, BizTalk projects need to be compiled in two phases. The first pass compiles schemas, maps and pipelines, and produces an intermediate managed assembly. The … Continue reading

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Debugging XSLT Stylesheet with Custom Extension Objects from Within Visual Studio

When developping complex maps with the BizTalk Mapper, you sometimes find yourself in a situation where you need to debug the underlying logic of the associated XML stylesheet. In situations like these, it is customary to have Visual Studio generate … Continue reading

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Retrieving the Context of a BizTalk Message from an Orchestration

Messages in BizTalk are implemented in two different ways. First, messages that flow through Receive and Send pipelines are represented by the IBaseMessage interface. This interface makes it easy to access the contents of BizTalk messages in a streaming fashion … Continue reading

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Editing Design-Time Properties with a Custom Modal Dialog

This is the last post in our series about implementing a custom pipeline component used to dynamically resolve and select an appropriate flat file schema for disassembling incoming BizTalk messages. At this stage, we have a fully functional pipeline component. … Continue reading

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Adding Installation and Uninstallation Logic to a .Net Component

Last week, we’ve started a series of posts to demonstrate a custom pipeline component used to resolve and select at runtime a flat file schema to use in the disassembling stage. Before we dwelve into the implementation of the custom … Continue reading

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Determining the Type of an XML Message in a Custom Pipeline Component

Most of the time, when using builtin pipelines in BizTalk, you don’t have to worry about determining the type of a incoming message. This is actually all taken care of by the Xml Disassembler or the Flat File Disassembler pipeline … Continue reading

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